Funeral vehicle triage and funeral car care Training Course. Make sure you know exactly what to do during a funeral service. 

With this course you’ll find out what you need to do to ensure that the funeral service runs smoothly and that the coffin and mourners are handled in expert fashion. Knowing exactly what to do no matter what situations occur can make all the difference during this most delicate occasion.

This course is aimed at people about to enter the funeral profession, giving a thorough overview of every stage in funeral process. 

This course is also suitable for Funeral firms who may have started new employees and would like them to become competent and confident drivers before giving them access to their vehicles.

Attendees will learn the following:

  • How to wash, dry and care for the funeral vehicles. 
  • How to safely transfer a person from their place of death to the funeral home using a primate ambulance.
  • How to safely use hydraulic lifting equipment and how to handle multi-level transfer cots
  • Dress etiquette 
  • How to prepare the funeral cars
  • How to drive a hearse and other funeral cars safely and appropriately in  cortege fashion
  • How to care for mourners

This is a comprehensive course where you will learn how to handle all aspects of van/private ambulance driving, loading and unloading with care and respect and limousine and hearse driving. You must be over 21 with a valid driving licence for the classes of vehicle you will be driving. If you have been convicted of drink, drug or dangerous driving it is unlikely that you will find a position in the funeral profession for a role involving driving funeral vehicles though there may well be other roles open to you.

You will receive a Certificate of Achievement detailing the various aspects covered in the course.

Five day course (35 hours). Course cost: £995 inc. VAT. Lunches will be supplied.
Payment for course is required one week before course commencement. 

Outstanding Funeral Director Training

Our courses are interesting and rewarding and are run by people currently working in the funeral profession so they are completely up to date with the latest industry practices.