Improve your Embalming Skills Training Course. Learn the in-depth skills required to become a qualified Embalmer.

Graeme Easton is a qualified Funeral Director and BIE qualified Embalmer and a Registered Tutor of the BIFD. Graeme is qualified to teach the British Institute of Funeral Directors suite of Professional Qualifications, the highest Funeral qualifications available in the UK.

If you are already a registered embalmer and want to improve your skills and learn new techniques, our Improve Your Embalming Skills Training Course is for you.

This course is run by Graeme Easton. Graeme is a BIE qualified Embalmer and registered tutor of the BIFD. Graeme is the only person in Scotland to have been the national President of both the British Institute of Embalmers and the British Institute of Funeral Directors as is only the third person in the UK ever to have received this honour. 

The course is aimed at qualified BIR Embalmers who would like to learn new and different techniques in order to take their embalming skills to the next level.

The course takes in:

  • Cosmetics (including makeup and airbrushing techniques) 
  • Embalming theory and practical work
  • Presentation techniques
  • The importance of lighting
  • How to improve your confidence

One day course. Course cost: £250 inc. VAT. Lunch will be supplied.

Outstanding Funeral Director Training

Our courses are interesting and rewarding and are run by people currently working in the funeral profession so they are completely up to date with the latest industry practices.